Types of Therapy Programs for Troubled Teens

There are times when your teen might go through troubling times whether it’s at school or at home. Someone could be bullying on the teen, or there could be issues with the parents at home that have the teen torn between the two.

You’ll find that there are many troubled teenagers programs that offer counseling as well as activities to keep teens busy. WoodCreek Academy works with kids in the wilderness, for instance, using team-building and faith-based exercises to build trust and cooperation.


A Christian wilderness therapy program is ideal for teens who have been raised in a church or who come from a family that believes in a strong faith-based treatment program. These programs offer Bible studies as well as wholesome activities that are enjoyable while teaching about loving yourself and others. Counselors offer encouragement along with ways that the teen can get in church to make friends.

When it comes to wilderness therapy programs, you’ll find that they offer activities that are outdoors more than they are inside. The staff at the center that the teen attends will usually talk in a one-on-one manner so that the teen can open up about what is going on at home or school that would cause so many troubled thoughts or actions. There are activities that help with team building, trusting others and boosting the self-esteem. Meals are served at therapy programs unless it’s one where the teen will go back home at the end of the day.

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