Setting Troubled Teens Back on Track With Wilderness Training

There are no over-the-counter pills or prescription medicines that can help your troubled teen learn the skills he needs to successfully navigate his complex life. Many times not only do our public schools fail, but society itself fails these teens, and they need specialized schools for troubled boys. Wilderness training programs can help these boys get back on track to a happy and successful life.

Similar to a boot camp for teenagers, wilderness training programs are challenging physical experiences where the tasks get progressively harder. This enables young men to realize an increased sense of self-esteem and satisfaction as they succeed. While their successes help them develop their self-worth, the failures also teach an important lesson. Failures teach teens the importance of perseverance, and how to deal with their disappointment in a mature manner.

Through therapy and group tasks, these boys learn social and problem solving skills. Working together with other troubled youth makes them realize that they are not alone, says WoodCreek Academy. Learning how to work together as a team helps troubled young men develop leadership skills, and they discover the joy that comes from helping others. When they shift their focus from themselves to others in their group, it stimulates self-awareness and self-worth.

Therapeutic wilderness programs take these troubled youth into remote areas away from life’s distractions so they can focus on their issues. The social and problem solving skills they learn at these programs will come home with them and benefit them for an entire lifetime.

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