A Fitness Deal For A Song

24 Hour Fitness has been a lifesaver whenever I’ve travelled to music festivals or to hold workshops around the country.  My membership has allowed me to maintain my fitness goals and I know I can look forward to the same high standards at all of the facilities.  Clean, comfortable, and well maintained equipment is a hallmark of 24 Hour Fitness.  I love sitting in the steam room, or dipping in the hot tub while chatting up the locals.

When I’m tired, a quick ride on a stationary bike goes a long way to perk me up.  I learned to say, lets meet at the gym to friends who want to see me while I’m in town.  This has two advantages, I can get my workout in, and they are either ok about working out with me, or they appreciate that I suggest doing something novel and not the stuff we usually do that has no health benefits at all.   Socializing in a bar or restaurant is nice, but I’m trying to lose weight and reach my fitness goals.  No better way to do that than with a good workout at the local 24 Hour Fitness.  And I find that people get it and  appreciate my dedication to my health goals.  Many have joined me or said they were encouraged to get back into the gym after we worked out.

One of the first things I do when going to a new city is find the local 24 Hour Fitness club and punch the address into my GPS.  That way, I’m programmed like a homing pigeon to head in that direction.

Using Groupon to get some great deals has become another priority of mine when I’m traveling.  I purchase a three-day pass and invite someone to use it.  I even raffled one off in my workshop, with the caveat that the person attend that night.  Then we sat and discussed music theory, curriculum and listened to music on our headphones while getting our endorphins going on the treadmill.   Great deals are always available on memberships, guest passes, personal training and more.  And Groupons are so easy to use all you do is click on the savings you want from your smart phone.   Don’t let your travel plans sabotage your fitness routine.  Use Groupon to save money and make your way to the nearest 24 Hour Fitness facility wherever you stay.

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